Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Edging out talent for a mint coloured Barcelona Lounge

Thoughts on Merril Lynchings

As one who lives near the poverty line on a general basis, does not drive or buy many things, I'm usually not effected by fluctuations in the market. The recent downturn was, for me, something of a sigh of relief. It would mean that Americans would have to stop consuming the amount that they do and would have to start saving more. This is, of course, what was professed as a good thing to me by my family and neighbors growing up but hardly followed.

Tonight I listened to my roommate read a writing sample of incredible insight, a thoughtful and clear piece of writing that I should only hope to try and match for yet another job application, I wondered what our habits and economic system has produced where someone like him would easily be drowned out in favor of less-intelligent, greedy beings. This may all seem pessimistic, but like many recently, my roommate had been laid off just prior to the holidays. A sort of perverse, indefinite Christmas vacation with no card or gift receipt. As I listen to the radio now and hear of the expenditures made for office renovations by John Thain, the former CEO of Merril Lynch, I wonder where people of real talent and thoughtfulness fit into a picture where renovation expenses are more than some annual school budgets.

Will this market lead us to introspection or solely reduce those of merit to the margins so that the powerful can consolidate?

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